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Ana Livia Smith  
Self development curator

She grew up in Brazil, in a traditional family evangelical,had a strict education and studied in good schools; All this taught her very valuable life lessons:

- Seek first the kingdom of God and all things shall be perfectly added!

- to be a loyal friend

- not to be impressed by things and Earthly possessions.

- to be impressed by people of character.

- to never be boring.

- to entertain herself in any situation.

- to love her own company.

- to appreciate solitude.

- to thrive around people.

- to never complain about life, others are always in worse shape.

- to appreciate what She has.

- not to covet what others have.

- to see the glass half full, never empty.

- attitude is important.

-to sow love in any situation.

-before being businesswoman

  and anything else , she is a human being.

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